Moment to moment choices and the life journey

Ananya_Hixon,MFTLife is constantly asking us to make choices. In the process we are learning, adjusting, and growing moment by moment.  As we learn and grow we deepen our sense of the bigger picture, of our life journey, our connection to self, and what we are meant to be in this “one wild and precious life”.

Most of the time we respond well, making the right choices for our growth. At other times we find ourselves unable to choose, unsure of what will be the best move. Sometimes we feel stuck “between a rock and a hard place” as the saying goes.

Psychotherapy is a great avenue for getting un-stuck

It is often a sudden loss, a recognition of abuse, or triggering of trauma, that can create that painful state of feeling stuck. I can be your guide in that wilderness. Psychotherapy is also about finding resources within you that you may not know you have. It is about learning new coping and communication skills, about seeing things in new ways. When we honor what is true and are seen and witnessed in our truth, we often find the courage and clarity to make the next move. That may mean moving away from self-defeating patterns or simply gaining a new perspective that gives us the courage to make new choices. Then we can become unstuck and find relief and satisfaction in our life journey.

I will honor your unique story and process

As your psychotherapist I honor your unique process of development. I am there to attend to the sincere caring support of your being – mind, body and soul. We will work practically on the problem that brings you to therapy using modalities that serve your process best. At the same time we will pay attention to the bigger picture of your life journey and its unfolding, so that you can blossom into greater fullness, greater life satisfaction and joy.