Ananya Hixon, MFT

Over the years I’ve pursued my own healing and evolution through many modalities of psychotherapy and a variety of spiritual studies. In this process of training in and experiencing my own growth through different systems, I have developed an eclectic tool kit.

A passion for my own personal growth keeps my process of learning constantly alive.

I think its important to integrate both formal studies and life experience; a kind of mind, body, spirit synthesis. My personal experiences have included raising a family, marriage and divorce, grandchildren and aging/dying parents, and travel in many other parts of the world.

All of my life I’ve had an interest in both spirituality and psychology. I believe that they are intimately connected and that a full understanding of life entails experiences in both of these dimensions of our being. This search for deepening and meaningful experience has been a life long pursuit for me.  I’ve had a meditation practice for over 40 years.

I grew up in the New England countryside surrounded by animals and nature. Those attachments to the natural world sustained me through many terrifying emotional experiences during my childhood. Because of  this experience of the healing power of the natural world I include both Eco-psychology and Animal Assisted Therapy in my practice.

Formal Education

BA in Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, 2007
MA in Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, 2011

Trainee counselor at Holden Alternative High School
Practicum at JFK Holistic Counseling Center Oakland
Intern at Holos Institute and in private practice
Graduate of the Hakomi Professional Training
Graduate of Intern training at Child Therapy Institute