Child Therapy

Working with children between 3 and 11 years of age

My San Rafael office is set up specifically for children. Through the use of art, sandplay, interactive modalities, and some cognitive behavioral approaches I provide a safe place for your child to resolve difficult feelings and significant life transitions or traumas.

Play is a child’s way of solving problems

Through play and particularly play therapy children work through their growth and healing challenges. This kind of therapy provides deep multileveled healing.

Is your child experiencing difficulties at home or at school?

Children often benefit from therapy when significant family events occur. These might be events such as deaths, divorces, separations, or a significant move or change of location. Other experiences such as bullying at school or witnessing an accident can have a profound effect on a child’s psyche.

When a family is already coping with big life challenges it can sometimes seem like a child’s issue is secondary. But getting therapy for your child soon after or during big changes can prevent a host of more complex problems later on.

While safe-guarding your child’s necessary confidentiality, I also provide understanding, support, and education to help family members participate in the child’s healing process. I can also make therapeutic referrals for family members who may need additional support.