Feeling overwhelmed?

Are you reaching one of those times in life where you feel overwhelmed, confused, or frightened? Perhaps your psyche is ready to heal some old wounds or address some current ones. Therapy can help.

Working with a caring therapist can improve your capacity to relax, get clarity, and enjoy your relationships. You can develop more self-esteem and more self-acceptance. Therapy can even increase your productivity. Most importantly it can help you feel better.

Too much stress?

Many of us live in a fast paced world of activity, information, and deadlines. It can wear you down. But where to stop and what to cut out can be very hard to discern. Establishing your priorities is something I can help with.We might start by digging a little deeper into what you truly need and want. Working together we can clarify your priorities and desires. We will identify some new and old resources and look for some new ways you can find peace and satisfaction.

Stress can also come from old or new traumas, relationship challenges, or deep urges for further balance and integration of the psyche. These things can generate a lot of anxiety. It helps to have a guide for this territory.

Are you longing for more joy?

Are you longing for more joy, more peace of mind, more satisfaction in your life? Let’s look holistically at your needs. Body, mind, and soul all matter. We can look at where you find meaning and where you can tap into the deeper sources of life’s sustaining energy.