Jungian/Transpersonal Approach

A large portion of my training has been Jungian based. This orientation makes me aware of the transpersonal or spiritual elements of human experience as well as the material that shows up in imaginational realms and in dream work. It includes the deep multiple layers of our unconscious which can be a rich source of both wisdom and life force energy. It includes the awareness that our psyches contain many ancient archetypal components and parts.

Light and dark shadow

As we grow we sometimes push parts of ourselves aside. These parts go into the unconscious of the psyche, and are often referred to as the “shadow”.  These shadow parts can be both hidden talents as well as challenges. Sometimes this material is only a part of self that seemed unacceptable at an earlier stage of life. Then we buried it in the back of our psychological closet. Occasionally these parts work their way back to the surface and need to be integrated. When reexamined in the light of our present day experience we may discover an asset rather than an impediment. There are many ways to safely explore and integrate these energies.